Throughout human history, mankind has invested a number of different gadgets. These inventions have been made to improve the life of all people. However, not all inventions are useful or practical. There are simply some that are really strange and downright impractical. In fact, you may find it funny to see some of these inventions. A lot of the inventions on this list are not very practical, and you would be hard pressed to find a use for it. Nevertheless, these inventions were made by someone. And despite being strange and next to useless, at least you can still find it funny to know about these weird inventions.

  1. Head mounted tissue dispenser.

This invention is worn as a helmet or head mount. The person wearing it can easily have access to a roll of tissue paper so that they can blow their noses. However, anyone is going to look stupid wearing it.

  1. Fake Breasts

For people who want to breastfeed their babies, but are unable to, they can use fake breasts. These can be worn as a sling over your neck, and you can put formula inside of them for your babies to suckle. It would be more practical to use a feeding bottle.

  1. Umbrella for shoes

People who do not want their shows to get wet can put tiny umbrellas on their shoes. These umbrellas can shield their footwear from the weather. Though, they seem impractical to wear. Plus, you would look foolish with these on your feet.

  1. Noodle cooler

Attached to a chopstick is a mini fan that can blow over your hot noodles. This fan is designed to make it more pleasant to sample hot noodles. However, it seems sort of impractical, because you could just blow on your noodles to cool them off.

  1. Thumb wrestling ring

If you really want to show off your thumb wrestling skills, you should get this miniature wrestling ring. You can rest it on top of your hands whenever you are thumb wrestling with another person. It would look like your thumbs are tiny professional wrestlers.

  1. Slipper swatters

Squashing bugs with a slipper is one of the many ways that you can get rid of them. But if you do not want to go anywhere near the bugs that you want to swat, you should use these slippers. One of the slippers has got a long handle so that you can squash bugs from afar. However, it seems like you really cannot use these to walk in.

  1. Banana Guard

If you do not want your banana to get bruised while you are carrying it around, you should use a banana guard. This weird invention is designed as a protective traveling case for your banana so that you can eat it without a problem.

  1. Multipurpose gardening tool

Another weird invention is this gardening tool. It is like a swiss knife, except for gardening tools. You get to pull out a component for hoeing, shoveling and even watering from this tool. It is too big to practically carry around though.