As an artistic endeavor, architecture can produce some of the weirdest and strangest buildings. Around the world today, you can find some of the weirdest looking buildings that you can ever find. You would be amazed at how strange these buildings look. You may even wonder what the architect was thinking when they decided to design and build the buildings that are showcased here. If you are searching for some of the strangest buildings that you can ever find in the world, then you may want to check these examples out.

  1. The Crooked House

The Crooked House is actually a shopping mall that you can find in Sopot, Poland. Its clever design makes it look like the whole building is moving on top of a wave. You may even feel queasy if you state at the Crooked House for too long. When you look at it, it seems like it would melt into the ground.

  1. The Stone House

This architectural marvel looks like it comes straight from a fairy tale. The whole house rests on a cliff, and it looks like it has been built from a single boulder. While the house looks like it is carved from stone, it is actually all an illusion.

  1. Kansas City Library

You should go to this library if you love books. Located in Missouri, United States, the building looks like it has been constructed with huge stacks of gigantic books. Sections of the library have been built to appear as hardcover copies of famous literary works.

  1. Habitat 67

If you want to see an architectural style that is more futuristic, you may want to check out this building in Montreal, Canada. It is a residential structure that is made to look like a jumble of apartments that have been cobbled together.

  1. Wonderworks

This building’s architectural style will truly defy your imagination. The whole building looks like it has been flipped over or built upside down. People come from all over the world to visit the Wonderworks building in Tennesse, United States. However, it is all an illusion as when you walk inside of the building, it is all pretty normal inside.

  1. Nautilus House

This small home is designed to look like a Nautilus shell. You should visit this house in Mexico City if you want to see a truly beautiful piece of architecture. While it definitely looks strange, because it is designed to look like a shell, it still looks pretty beautiful.

People, who love weird architecture, should check out these buildings in person. It may be worth it to visit the countries that these buildings are located in. You would get toe experience for yourself some of the wackiest architecture that has been conceived by man. And you would also be amazed at some of the mind-bending designs that you would see if you checked out these buildings in-person. It would be truly amazing if you decided to visit these buildings, because if you did not, you may not believe your eyes. It seems almost impossible that these buildings were constructed!