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The Village of Joy is an online magazine that is dedicated to curating the weird, strange, novel and entertaining in this world. Our website is all about those funny and wonderful things that are in the world right now. If you want to be entertained, we have got the cure to your boredom. All of our lists and articles are sure to leave you entertained. There is going to be a lot that you can learn about if you read through our articles because we have a lot of information that you may have never heard about before. You may be asking yourself, why are we doing this? Why not? There are a lot of crazy and wonderful things in this, world and we simply want to share those crazy and strange things with the rest of the people on the internet. So you should check out our articles if you want to learn about the things in this world that are funny, strange or simply wonderful.

We blog and publish content about a wide variety of topics. You could read about animals, buildings, inventions, places, people, objects and so much more. If you are curious about the world that we live in, there is a lot to learn about. You could learn something new every day if you just read through our articles. We have got content that is sure to make you laugh or be amazed! And it is really easy to browse through our articles as well since we categorize our topics. If you would like to read about wonderful buildings, you could simply just look through our architecture page.

Aside from all of the wonderful and weird things that we post about, you can also find a lot of content about funny and humorous things as well. If you just need to laugh, then we have got the content for you. You would be dying from laughter if you take the time to read through some of our posts. And you would also be really entertained and your funny bone is definitely going to be tickled if you take the time to read through our funny and humorous articles.

We compile a lot of lists so that it is easy to browse through. You could look through our lists really quickly, and you are sure to find a quick way to get entertained. For anyone that wants to fight back their boredom, you should read through our posts. There is definitely going to be a lot of entertaining and new information that you have never heard about before. And you will never be bored again if you are a regular reader of the content and lists, that we post on this website.

Entertainment is not the only thing that you can get from this website, you may also get more informed about the any of the wonderful facts that you never knew about before. If you like learning, you can also get entertained by the stuff that you learn about. And that is one of the mantras for this website. We believe that just because we are educating the public about strange and weird facts, does not mean that we have got to be boring. We want to make all of the facts and information that we share, really enjoyable to read as well. And you are never going to be bored by the content that we post.

We also aim to post new content as regularly as possible. Our readers can expect new content to be published daily. Consider signing up for this website’s feed or newsletter, if you want to stay up to date with all of the latest information that we publish. You would be able to get new and entertaining content every day if you decide to read through our articles and lists. And there are a lot of wonderful and strange things left to know about!

The content that we write is all original as well. However, we do sometimes take content from other websites. But we secure their permission to republish that new content beforehand. If you are the original copyright owner of the content on our website and wish to take it down, you can send us a message if you want to have it removed. However, for any of our readers out there, you can rest assured that the wonderful lists and content that you can read on this website, is all original! And you would not find it anywhere else on the web.